Honda Jazz Body Cover

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Car body covers get your car protected from UV rays that can make your car look pale if left otherwise.

1. Made by 100 percent Original Heavy Matty.

2. Highly durable and long lasting.

3. 95 percent water resistant, 95 percent UV protection from sun.

4. Resistant to scratches and prevents minor scratches.

5. Side mirror pockets to give extra care to side mirrors.

6. Water resistant material protects your vehicle against wet, humid and dusty climatic conditions.

7. High performance fabric naturally resists moisture, fungus and expels stale odor.

8. High quality threads used to stitch the cover tight and securely keeps your vehicle cooler, dry and dust free, it remains unaffected by climatic conditions.

9. Uses reinforced side grommets for cover tie-down.

10. Machine washable. Foldable  material. Double stitched.

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